Green Branded Coffee Mug
Enjoy a steaming drink in our branded coffee mugs
Water bottle and insulated mug held by couple
Take a bit of BlueWater home with you!
2 beanie hats
Super Soft Beanies with a 3" patch

BlueWater BaseCamp SWAG

We want to offer swag to our fans that we actually use. Russ swears by a waxed canvas hat. It’s the only kind he wears. 

Wanna be tough? Dress like Russ. 
His hats stay on, his pants don’t rip.

Our grown up kids say the Trucker Caps are all the rage, and well, we are all about the rage factor. So get yo’self some of our trucker caps that keep Conner smiling. 

Don’t even get us started on the Beanies. Teal wears a beanie most of the winter. Sometimes swapping it out for a hand knitted hat, but the beanie is her go to winter accessory. 

Want to be warm? Dress like Teal.
Her head is always warm. She don’t mess around with the cold.

But of course, we consulted the younger crowd for a vote of confidence in the beanie. It passed.

SWAG is Gen Z approved!

And yes, we can ship it to you! Just select the shipping item at checkout. We got you! 


Orange branded water bottle on bench.
Metal Water Bottle
Smiling man wearing a Trucker cap in olive with BlueWater BaseCamp Logo on the front.
Trucker Caps
black pint cup with dark background
Pints All around
2 beanie hats
Super Soft Beanies
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