Our Story

Our Story

Russ and Teal on the porch

Two Dreamers with a Vision...

Once upon a time there was…

A little girl, gazing out across the Eagle River Valley from her family’s mountain homestead yearning to create the view before her in artwork & live on a mountain retreat. 

A little boy, roving the backwoods of Minnesota fishing, swimming, hunting and dreaming of living off the land.

Many years later…
They found each other and shared their dreams. They nurtured ideas and discussed possibilities until one day, they realized it was time to bring their dreams to life. 

And so, the journey of building a mountain retreat with space for peace, relaxation, community-building, and access to amazing adventures began. 

Named after the amazing colors of Eklutna Lake, BlueWater BaseCamp is our vision to bring people together as they explore the great outdoors and relax in nature. Come join us in getting away from the hustle & bustle while enjoying a luxurious cabin stay and event venue nestled in the mountains above Anchorage, Alaska.

Welcome to BlueWater BaseCamp. 

Russ & Teal
Owners & Fellow Dreamers

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